Education starts at a young age, and the right daycare can make all the difference in your child’s development. At Imagine Nation Learning Center, we start your child off right, teaching them the skills to build a strong foundation for their education. Our experienced teachers will give your child the individual attention they need to learn more effectively while making lessons fun and engaging. We strive to keep our classes small. Here are a few reasons we believe small classes are best for your child.


  • Teachers get to know your child. Large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to get to know your child because they have fewer opportunities to work one-on-one with students. This can lead to the teacher not understanding the individual needs of your child and makes teaching to their strengths and weaknesses almost impossible.
  • Small classes instill confidence. When your child is able to ask questions, they become more confident about the lessons, the material, and their own ability to understand information. A healthy level of confidence will make transitioning from daycare and pre-K into Kindergarten easy.
  • More opportunities to interact with classmates. Small class sizes means your child will get to know everyone in their class. This can make lessons more fun as they’ll feel like they’re learning alongside friends rather than strangers.
  • The classroom is quieter. Simply put, more students in a room leads to a noisier environment. When the room is noisy, students are easily distracted and may struggle to focus on the lessons and tasks at hand. A small class means less noise, making it easier for your child to concentrate.


Imagine Nation Learning Center believes every child deserves the best education possible. Our teachers and staff are highly trained and devoted to providing your child with the experiences they need to be prepared for the rest of their educational career. If you’re looking for the best daycare in Union, stop by Imagine Nation today. We’re currently accepting new students!