At Imagine Nation Early Learning Childcare Center in Union, we want to be more than just a day care. We want to be a place where children can explore and learn every day of the week, and where they feel encouraged to try new things that will set them on a path to personal and academic success later in life. By examining, creating, and sharing, children will begin to understand the world around them, how they fit into it, and how things are made.

In our Stars classroom for two-year olds, we offer an exciting curriculum that includes Mad Science Monday, Tell-A-Tale Tuesday, and Dr. Seuss Phonics Wednesday. During science time, the children will be able to observe and touch things from the world around them, seeing what makes these things work and finding out what makes them unique. They’ll also be able to do simple science experiments where they can combine certain things and see the amazing results. For Tell-A-Tale Tuesday, they will hear stories that encourage their love of reading and writing. During Dr. Seuss Phonics on Wednesday, each child will work on their phonetic and spelling skills through lively characters they find in their books.

Exploration and learning go hand-in-hand, and at Imagine Nation, we want each child to discover new things every time they come to our day care. Every boy and girl will progress at their own rate, but each child will be given the opportunity to explore and learn. If you’re looking for a childcare center in Union, please contact us right away.